• Arielle Greenleaf

Copy of Unicorn babies... Do they exist?

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Recent Facebook Messenger conversation:

FRIEND: I have a really good friend that I will be sending your way in the next few months. She has a unicorn baby now who is turning six-months-old, and she’s expecting again!

ME: What is a unicorn baby?!

FRIEND: Haha! A mythical, magical baby who never cries and has slept pretty much through the night since day one!

ME: Oh!

FRIEND: Yes, we have a couple of friends with unicorns that think I’m crazy for leaving gatherings by 5:30 to get my baby home in time for bed.

ME: I’m not so sure these people are really telling the truth.

FRIEND: I agree. I think that they have a different definition for sleeping through the night. When I tell them my baby will sleep anywhere between 11-12 hours straight through, they can’t believe it.

So, do unicorn babies exist? Maybe somewhere over the rainbow there are unicorn babies pooping out glitter and sleeping through the night from birth, but in real life these “unicorn babies” are few and far between. However, hearing about these “unicorn babies” can cause lots of undue stress and anxiety for those with babies who may not have mythical powers.


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