• Arielle Greenleaf

Virtual Support During Social Distancing

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

Let’s be real - we are in the midst of a trying, chaotic, tiring, confusing, stressful world crisis. Most of us have children at home with us full-time or soon will. Now, more than ever, we need to be helping one another, sharing resources with one another, supporting one another.

As a small business owner, I am scared for my business as our world economy takes a very serious hit. But my mission is ALWAYS to help people, to improve their lives, to share resources and knowledge however and wherever I can. I have been struggling to know where to start but my hope is that this list of resources will help even one person out there that may be struggling.

Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting is offering free weekday Q&A’s on our Facebook page, special free presentations from other experts live on our Facebook page, a 5-day Virtual Sleep Package with a customized sleep plan and 5 days of virtual support, and a free 30-minute phone consultation with the purchase of any gift certificate for one of our packages.

Below you’ll find a list of virtual services being offered by friends, and friends of friends. I hope to continue to grow this list as necessary. Please don’t hesitate to reach out so I can continue to support all of you (and other businesses!) during this scary time. I will be adding to this list as I learn of more opportunities.

With love and gratitude,


Church Services

First Church Sterling - offering virtual service at 10am EDT each Sunday

Crisis Counseling via Telehealth

Synergy Wellness

Educational Resources

Loree Griffin Burns, Writer - The Flora and Fauna of Your Place: Get outside and create your own book!

Sample toddler schedule (ages 1-5)

Energy Healing/Spiritual Guidance/Reiki

Francesca Marrone - Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance

Reach Your Happy by Laura Fleming - Reiki and Life Coaching

Lactation Support

Rachel O’Brien IBCLC - offering virtual lactation support

Shelly Taft IBCLC - offering virtual lactation support


Be The Love Yoga

Synergy Wellness

First Church Sterling

New Parent Support/Postpartum Doula Support

Baby Beans Boston - Offering virtual new parent support groups, storytime for littles, pregnancy support group, and virtual birth preparation sessions.

The Doula Darcy - Offering online postpartum doula support program and consultations. Use coupon code CORONA for 30% off.

Pastoral Care & Support

Maria Anderson-Lippert - Moms Group Spiritual Direction starting April 6

Robin Bartlett, First Church Sterling - virtual coffee with the pastor

Richard Greenleaf, Episcopal Priest - virtual pastoral care and support


Talia Diamond at Vital Physiotherapy - Virtual pelvic or general physiotherapy appointments


Sarah Andrews - offering virtual private pilates


Rise & Thrive Wellness - Online interactive yoga for kids and adults

Be the Love Yoga - Online yoga practice for kids and adults

Mind Body Yoga Flow - On-Demand Yoga

Tranquil Little One - Online yoga for kids (and their families!)

Synergy Wellness - Online yoga practice for adults

Yoga with Danielle Wintern Bush - Online yoga videos

Powerful You Yoga - Streaming online yoga for adults

To be added to this list, please email arielle@expecttosleep.com.

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