Not your average sleep consultant...

Our Process

Working with Arielle is different. Arielle commits to communicating with each of her clients on a daily basis to ensure success. After all, every baby and child is different from the next. While a written plan is great, it's important to understand the nuances of each baby or child's schedule, emotional wellness, and any medical concerns. Daily communication is essential to addressing these nuances and figuring out just the right way to help your baby sleep. 


Arielle uses the Baby Connect app with all of her clients to analyze patterns in your baby's sleep and feeding. She is available throughout the day and evening to "hold your hand" through the process of helping your child learn to sleep. She is your biggest cheerleader through this process.


  • All clients start with an introductory phone call to discuss their family's sleep and to learn more about Arielle's philosophy and how she may be able to help. 

  • If it's the right fit, an email will be sent with a link to a client portal in which you will find an intake form, contract for e-signature, and invoice - all completed online at your convenience! 

  • Once all items are received and the invoice is paid, Arielle will have a written plan to you within 4 business days. Once the plan is delivered via email, each client may select an email or phone consult to go over the plan before implementation. 

  • After all initial questions are answered, clients may select a day within one week of receiving the plan to implement, at which point the two weeks of daily support begins. 

  • Arielle is committed to supporting her clients beyond the confines of their two weeks with her. That's why Arielle has created a robust Facebook community (the #sleepsquad) in which her graduates may pop in and ask both sleep and non-sleep related questions. No strings attached, just support and a non-judgmental atmosphere for parents across the globe.

  • If you're still on the fence, reach out for your free introductory call. And remember - you can expect to sleep again!

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