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We are passionate about helping families achieve the rest they need to be happy and healthy.

Meet the Dream Team

Arielle Greenleaf

Founder & Certified Sleep Pediatric Consultant

My story starts much like many new mom’s would — I was tired! Really tired. And I desperately needed sleep. As a child, I didn’t sleep through the night until I was four years old. And even after that, I struggled with sleep. I knew I needed to address my daughter’s sleep issues for her sake and for mine. I felt confused, defeated, scared, and exhausted.

Desperate for help, I reached out to a friend who pointed me in the direction of a sleep consultant. I needed someone to give me a clear path and a supportive hand along the way. This journey for me was life-changing. Both my daughter and I were sleeping better and enjoying each other’s company in between sleeps within a few days. The clouds parted and I felt more like myself than I had in more than a year.

I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach to helping your baby or child get the rest he or she needs. Each individual situation has its own set of considerations. Some families prefer a gentler method, while others prefer a firmer method — I'm here to support you with whichever method you prefer. It would be an honor to help your family get the rest you need to be happy and healthy. You can expect to sleep again!




  • Bachelor of Science, Boston University

  • Sleep, Baby, Sleep - Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

  • Spencer Institute - Sleep Science Coach

  • Creating Positive Fundamentals During the First 12 Weeks, APSC

  • Babies in Mind: Why The Parent's Mind Matters, University of Warwick (UK)

  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education & Child Care, American Academy of Pediatrics

  • Early Brain and Child Development: Sleep Problems: American Academy of Pediatrics

  • An Integrative Approach for Adult, Pregnancy and Child Sleep, APSC

  • Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, Marketing Director

  • NAMMA Families Provider

  • Resident Sleep Expert at Central Mass Mom

  • Certificate of Completion - Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training, Postpartum Support International/2020 Moms

Jamie Currey

Certified Sleep Pediatric Consultant

My passion for helping families and becoming a sleep consultant grew out of love for my own sanity and sleep.  When my daughter was four months old I was like many first time parents, exhausted.  I knew I wanted my daughter to have healthy sleep habits, to be able to fall asleep on her own, and I had heard of sleep training, I just didn’t know where to begin or how to set us up for success.  Luckily, I found Arielle and began learning exactly how sleep impacts a baby’s life and how getting her on a schedule would not only provide healthy sleep for her but consistency and a routine I craved as well.  Arielle educated me on the different methods I could use to teach my baby to sleep on her own as well as coached me on how to set up a reliable nap schedule to keep my whole family sane throughout the day.  We saw results fast.  Within a week we were all better rested and happy.  It wasn’t a miracle, but it felt like it!


Now, I have a 4-year-old daughter and an almost 2-year-old son who love to sleep.  When I get comments on how easy going they seem to be, I know it’s because they get the restorative sleep they need and are well-rested.  I can’t thank Arielle enough for the help she has given our family. 


When Arielle opened the Dream School, I knew it was time to turn my love for sleep and routine into a way to help other families experience the same day and night difference that I did, by establishing healthy sleep habits.  I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the Expect to Sleep Again team and look forward to supporting other families on their journey!


Expect to Sleep Again Dream School Consultant Training


Samantha Foster

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My name is Samantha Foster and I serve families—drained dad’s, exhausted mamas, and overtired babies—by delivering an education in infant and toddler sleep. I’ve found that most new parents read all the books, blogs, and websites on pregnancy, infancy, and toddlerhood but still struggle to understand how to actually implement and maintain a healthy sleep foundation that will serve their children for life. 

I was one of those new moms. Although everyone told me to ‘get as much sleep as possible’ before my daughter Mckenzie was born, I just didn’t understand how exhausted you can get!! (Or what method to use? And what if she’s hungry? Or she must be teething? Cue the second, or fourth, cup of coffee…  sound familiar?) After months and months of exhaustion and frustration, I turned to Arielle at Expect to Sleep Again and I was amazed at just how life changing a routine can be. Our family went from just barley getting by to thriving. I never understood how important sleep was for our little one—and not to mention mom and dad too!

I am passionate about helping other parents and their little ones get the sleep they both need so very much. Reaching out for help can be the hardest part but I love walking through this journey with each family.


I recently completed my certification in pediatric sleep with the Cradle Coach Academy and am thrilled to join the Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting Dream Team!

Megan Knopik

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

The first five months of life my twins Claire and Owen were relatively good sleepers. I thought everything was going great and we were lucky enough to skip the dreaded “4-month sleep regression”. Then they turned 5 months old and my husband Joe and I were officially sleep deprived.  


Being the Google Queen that I am, I started, searching for everything I could to try and figure out how to get my babies to get back to sleeping well. Not only was nighttime a nightmare, but naps were also crazy. When Claire was sleeping Owen was awake, and as soon as we got Owen sleeping Claire would wake up.  Our life revolved around sleeping and feeding two babies on opposite schedules. Our marriage was struggling because we were both full of frustration and both so tired.  I will never forget one night when we were woken up FOURTEEN times between the two of them. That’s when I hit my breaking point and took the advice of a fellow twin mom and hired Arielle.  


Within days we saw so much improvement! We had our lives back. We were finally able to put our babies down for bedtime and go on a date night, run errands, do anything we pleased because our babies were sleeping! Not only did our experience improve our lives but it also improved Claire and Owen’s. We now had such happy and content babies. It was literally like a switch flipped.  


Now two years after we hired Arielle, I still contribute their (mostly) easy going personalities to the quality sleep they receive. I can’t imagine what our lives would be like if we didn’t take this leap.


I’m so excited and honored that I was given the opportunity to join the ETSA Dream Team!  I cannot wait to help you the way that Arielle helped us.


Bachelor of Science, St. Cloud State University

The Cradle Coach - Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant

Molly Leighton

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My journey to sleep consulting is like many others. I was a new mom and thought that my sweet son was just alert and active for a 15 week old. I started to do a bit of research about sleep coaching and training on my own and got immediately overwhelmed by Dr.Google. I reached out to someone in my network who recommended Arielle and Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting. From my first conversation with Arielle, I immediately felt comfortable and trusted her knowledge and the detailed plan that she created for us. 

After working with Arielle and helping my son learn the important skill of sleep, I became passionate about learning and helping others too! I'm frequently sharing my knowledge and helping friends with their children's sleep needs and I look forward to helping yours. One bonus about working with an Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consultant is the community of parents that you will meet. My goal as a sleep consultant is to help educate parents about the importance of sleep for children and to help families get back to a schedule and routine that works for them. 


Expect to Sleep Again Dream School Consultant Training

Emily McDonald

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My journey into sleep consulting starts like many others. I was a first time mom, my kid wouldn’t sleep, and the whole household was tired. Even the dogs. I read the books, googled all the things, tried too many gimmicks. Just when I thought we had it all figured out, I changed my work schedule back to 24 hour shifts. The nights I wasn’t home my daughter wasn’t sleeping. My husband got desperate and began doing anything and everything just to get a few minutes of sleep before he went off to work his own 24 hour shift.

I was extremely hesitant to hire a sleep consultant. Could they really help me? What are they going to tell me that I don’t know, haven’t read, haven’t tried? And I was determined not to “Cry it out”. I went to an amazing little seminar on infant and toddler sleep. I learned enough to realize we needed help. Now!
We hired Arielle, founder of Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting, LLC. She helped us find the best methods to use with our daughter to get all of us sleeping and keeping the crying (for our daughter and us!) to a minimum. In less than 2 weeks, we were all sleeping again. This experience started to draw me into the world of sleep.

I am proud to say that I am one of Arielle’s first graduates from her Dream School Sleep Consulting Certification program and I am honored to be part of her Dream Team.  I look forward to helping other families in need of sleep, just as Arielle helped my family.


Expect to Sleep Again Dream School - Certified Sleep Consultant
Massachusetts Maritime Academy - Master’s of Science in Emergency Management
UMass Amherst, Isenberg School of Management- Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management

Michele McMahon

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My story starts the same as many new parents - totally exhausted. My daughter was a relatively good sleeper as a baby, but the older baby/toddler months hit us hard and I knew that we needed to address her sleep for all of our sakes. When she was 18 months old, I finally reached out to Arielle at Expec to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting. She developed a customized sleep plan for us and provided daily support for implementing that plan. Our daughter was back to sleeping well within a few days and a comfortable routine was restored so we could hit our stride as a family.


I kept in touch with Arielle and became her bookkeeper and business development person about a year ago. I learned so much working with her about her business and also about sleep that I found myself becoming more and more passionate about infant and child sleep. When she launched her Dream School, I knew that becoming a certified sleep consultant was the path for me.


I would be honored to help your family get the rest you need!

Sarah Thompson

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My journey into the world of sleep consulting started after my son was born - a time when I felt like quality sleep had become a thing of the past.  I’ve always loved sleep for my own sanity and health, but I didn’t realize how passionate I would become until my family wasn’t sleeping!  By the time my son was a few months old, I was running on fumes.  His sleep was so inconsistent, and things weren’t naturally getting easier as many other parents had assured me it would.  I was overwhelmed, mentally drained, and frustrated, but most of all I was just so tired!  I love sleep.  I need sleep!  And when my family wasn’t sleeping, I was struggling to be the best mama that I wanted to be.


After an endless amount of googling sleep tips, and after buying every swaddle, pacifier, and sleep device that “guaranteed” better sleep, I realized I needed help.  I found Arielle at Expect to Sleep Again Consulting and I’m not exaggerating when I say that hiring her was truly a life-changing experience.  She helped me teach my son to fall asleep on his own, which felt like a miracle!  She also helped me to get him on an age-appropriate schedule that allowed him to get the sleep his body needed.  My whole family was sleeping much better, and I had a happier, more well-rested baby.  It felt like a dark cloud had lifted, and I began to feel like myself again.  


Now I have a daughter as well, and both of my kids love to sleep. They crave the consistency they get from their sleep schedules - and so do I!


When Arielle started the Dream School, I knew I wanted to harness my passion and help other families who were struggling.  I understand all too well what a lack of sleep can do to the entire family, and how challenging these stages of life can be.  I am thrilled to be joining the Expect to Sleep Again Dream Team, and I am so happy to be supporting families on their journey to better sleep!



Expect to Sleep Again Dream School - Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Marketing, Fairfield University